Have you been trying to think of a way to conquer your local comic convention through cosplay? Do you gaze with envious eyes upon the fan-made suits of armored awesomeness strolling around every year on Halloween? Do you have a spot on your wall, bookshelf, or desk that desperately needs to be filled with a screen-accurate replica of your favorite science-fiction or fantasy weapon? If so, look no further. We’ve got just the book for you!

Get yourself a copy of this book!  It's the single most valuable starting point for any prop or costume hobbyist looking to take their builds to the next level.

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This book helps you with everything except the patience part. You’ll have to supply that yourself!

Whether you want to emulate your favorite video game hero, comic book star, movie character, or a ninja of your own devising—this book will show you how to create great costume, armor, and all the props you need!

Projects Included

  • Use Pepakura Designer software to make printable models with a regular office printer.
  • Use plastic, fiberboard, and pipe to create amazing effects.
  • Turn anti-fatigue floor mats into realistic armor.
  • Decide which home digital fabrication tool—a CNC mill or a 3D printer—is best, or even needed, for your job.
  • Master mold-making basics and sophisticated rotocasting techniques.
  • Use easy home vacuforming methods.
  • This book even tells you how best to pose for pictures and interact with fans! 


“This book is so awesome…it makes my fingers itch to get into my shop and get building. It’s a fantastic compendium of tools, techniques, and tips for the novice as well as the experienced builder. Excellent cosplay is no longer a radically expensive proposition.”

-Adam Savage



Buy your copy here: LINK


Also stay tuned for the upcoming sequel, MAKE: More Props and Costume Armor coming soon!